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Sunday, January 31, 2010

{2010} 31/365


Volkswagen Karmann Ghia x 2

My dream car. In fact, we have one.

{2010} 30/365

Vintage Persinware Scales

I love old scales. I have 4 sets now. These Persinware 501 Scales are my newest acquisition. Purchased at Dromana Drive-In market for a grand total of $5.00! In the background, you can just see my old Krups scales. Love.

Friday, January 29, 2010

{2010} 29/365


High Wire Walking

I am always fascinated when I see shoes hanging from the powerlines. Why are they there? Who put them there? How many tries did it take to get them there? Was there lots of laughing and giggling? Doesn't the owner miss their shoes?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

{2010} 365/28

Mr Grumpy aka Jasper

basically telling me to nick off & be quick about it. He is our almost feral cat who loves to be around us but only on his terms...

1. We may not touch him (unless we want to brush him) 
2. We may not try to caress him 
3. We may not pick him up unless he says we can 
4. We may not look at him unless he says we can 
5. We may not talk to him unless he says we can.

{2010} 365/27a

Rather inviting Cafe sign don't you think?

And it is 27a because I could not choose between the sunflower & this as my favourite for the day! 

{2010} 365/27

Summery Sunflower

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{2010} 26/365

Australians all let us reJOYCE...

Here is my very Australian neighbour, Joyce. Today is AUSTRALIA Day and she loves it! We came home from the weekend away to be greeted by her dressed like this.

The start of the Australian National Anthem is....

Australians all let us rejoice
for we are young and free....

My new version is

Australians all must know a Joyce
for she is nearly eight-tee!

{2010} Project 365 - Day 25

Getting Ready for Australia Day

{2010} Project 365 - Day 24a

Ladies @ the Drive-In Movies!

{2010} Project 365 - Day 24

Time Out Chair...

{2010} Project 365 - Day 23

Sunset from Rosebud Beach

{2010} Project 365 - Day 22

 Meet Jack

I would like to introduce you to Jack.

He is a very important member of our household. We found him abandoned on the side of the road. We immediately took him in and gave him a loving home.

He has ingratiated himself into our way of life. In fact, without him, we would not have been able to move our new washing machine, nor our TV, or the children....

We don't know how old Jack is but I tell you what, he is least complaining member of this household!!

{2010} Project 365 - Day 21a

Couldn't decide between this and the other Peek-a-boo shot!

{2010} Project 365 - Day 21


{2010} Project 365 - Day 20

Hello? Hello? Anyone there??

{2010} Project 365 - Day 19


{2010} Project 365 - Day 18

All HAIL Miss Bee

Hail - in the middle of summer. Just a few days before, we had in excess of 43 Degrees Celsius and then two days later 13degrees and a very cool hailstorm!

{2010} Project 365 - Day 17

Going to a "How to Dress Like a Rockstar" Party

{2010} Project 365 - Day 16

Idle worker

{2010} Project 365 - Day 13


{2010} Project 365 - Day 12


{2010} Project 365 - Day 11

Summer Fun - nothing better on a 35+ C day.....

{2010} Project 365 - Day 10

Heart leaf

{2010} Project 365 - Day 8

Underneath Rosebud Pier

{2010} Project 365 - Day 7


Stumbled upon this cool car while out for a walk. Love that the mist from the carwash adds to the flare.

{2010} Project 365 - Day 6a


Sometimes, I find it hard to choose just ONE photo for the day so this is my A shot. It is of Zed picking some homegrown tomatoes. Yum.

{2010} Project 365 - Day 6

Old Timer playing the old timer!

As I said, this lives on our patio. I left the lid up after I took a photo of it for Day 5. My lovely friend and neighbour, Joyce is a gifted player. She popped in, saw the lid open and off she went! Gorgeous sound!

{2010} Project 365 - Day 5

Old Timer

Our ex-pianola. Lives on our patio and welcomes everyone and anyone to play it....

{2010} Project 365 - Day 4

I call this Plastic Twitter

{2010} Project 365 - Day 2

2 January 2010

While on holiday on the Mornington Peninsula (a gorgeous part of Victoria) I spotted this group of Roadside letterboxes. I love their individuality!

Project 365 Challenge - One Photo A Day

I have decided to challenge myself by attempting a 365 Photo Challenge. I have already missed a few days but I am really trying to stick to the concept.

I missed the first day of January so my challenge begins on the 2nd day. I will do a separate post for each.

{2010} i heart faces Week 4 - Texture

So, I have decided to move my challenge entries and contest entries to this, my old blogger blog which will free up my website blog for photo sessions etc.

I am not normally a 'texturiser'. I love it when I look at other people's work but oh, I don't know, I am not sure if I like it on mine.

Anyway - I have some cool textures from Beth Armsheimer, also some from Coffee Shop. I had a play around and came up with the finished product of my son Zed, below. I wanted it to look like an old photo and also wanted it to look like I took the photo through a window.

{click on image for a better view!}

Please head on over to i heart faces to see some wonderful textures and photos!

New OLD place for me to enter photo

contests and a place to post my 365 (a photo a day) challenge shots.

Hi everyone,

I have decided to resurrect this old blog and use it as my entry page for any photo contests that I might enter - such as the weekly contests over at i heart faces. Also want to use it to publish my "Photo a Day - Project 365" Challenge.

My photography blog was just becoming a weekly receptacle for my entries and I would like to use it more for posting photos from my photography sessions.

You are more than welcome to still come over to my website k8tography and my blog to visit but this is my new Challenge blog!