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Sunday, March 28, 2010

{Week 13} Dramatic Black & White over at i heart faces

I don't often 'do' black and white. Not sure why, maybe because I love light and colour - seeing as there is plenty of that available where I live here in Melbourne. But this shot below that I took last month, well, I love it as black and white.

A little question - how old do you think the subject in the image is?

Don't forget to head on over to the wonderful i heart faces so you can check out the all of the fabulous dramatic black and white images from so many talented people!

Oh and guess who is judging this week? The super talented Tara Whitney - how exciting!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 12 - "Focusing on Angles" over at i heart faces

Before I show you my entry - I just wanted to let you all know how excited I was to find out that I was i heart faces 'fan of the week' last week! How cool is that? 

I have found i heart faces so very inspiring - thank you all who enter week after week.

This week is all about focusing on angles. Here is a shot I took of Bronte when she was upside down and I was standing over her kind of and then I flipped the shot around 180 degrees during processing. I really like this finished shot.

Head on over to the wonderful i heart faces to see everyone's weird and wonderful angle shots!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 11 - “Bundled Up” Photo Challenge

Over at i heart faces, it is week 11 and ...

For this week's theme we are going to try to celebrate the cold weather that many of have been experiencing (we need to find the good in the freezing temps, right?) ummm, not for us. Lately it has been around 30 degrees Celsius which I think is around 85F!
This week's photo should be all about snow, the cold, being bundled up, etc. Any way that you can show off the concept of cold and being "bundled up" will work for us.

Now, obviously they hadn't really thought of us over here in Australia where we have just had Summer and are moving into Autumn. The only snow shots I have are from when my oldest turned 9 and he is 15 years old now! So, I have done the next best thing...trawled through my hard drives and found this image of my daughter and her friend (with the blue eyes!) from last year.

We were at a lovely little seaside town called Inverloch and decided to go fishing at the beach on a windy, winter's day. I remember that the wind was so icy, I set the keen kids up with their fishing gear and then I went and sat in the car and read the paper! Good mum that I am.

Here they had on waterproof coats that are lined, two hoody tops on underneath - really what we call 'rugged up'!  (I have overlayed a rain texture on top although it did rain while we were there!)

Don't forget to head on over to http://iheartfaces.blogspot.com/  and check out all of the wonderful snowy, freezing, bundled up shots!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A favourite image that I took recently....

{13/3} Lane's End

Lane's End. Cycling along Beach Road in Melbourne is a very very contentious issue as often, on weekends, cyclists ride in 'packs' of 20 or more and up to 5 abreast. Other road users find this dangerous and tiresome. 

I was happy with this capture as I was really after a nice bit of sunflare and happily a cyclist popped into the frame! Yay me! lol

{12/3} shiny

Shiny, golden afternoon light. Love it. Love it so much. 

So, the March Challenge is Signs. I know you can't read this one but I couldn't resist the light and texture. Plus, a friend kindly pointed out - it does have my initial 'K' on there (I swear I didn't do it officer!)

{12/3} New Street Old Gates

These are the New Street train gates in Brighton, Victoria. 

The New Street railway gates are of historical significance for their rarity as the last remaining functioning hand operated railway gates in the state.

There has been a big furore about these as there was an accident - a train hit the partially opened gate. As a consequence, they are currently not in operation which means that cars can't access the famous Beach Road from here. 

There is still a guy on duty though as he has to monitor the pedestrian gates....

{11/3} notes

This notebook is on the dashboard of my car. It is upside down because I am a left hander and need it to open 'back to front' for quick easy access. Snapped this while I was driving out to Berwick (big drive!) Love the window reflection where it says 'notes' up the very top in reverse. Of course, I totally meant that!

{10/3} coin laundry

One of my favourite songs at the moment is a song by Australian Indie Pop Artist, Lisa Mitchell called 'Coin Laundry'. Love the song and love a nice old looking coin laundry too! This is about a kilometre from my home.

Monday, March 8, 2010

{9/3} "no! no! no! Thank Q!"

Snapped this through the car window- spotted the number plate and thought "cute". Wasn't until I uploaded the shot into Photoshop that I saw there was a Geelong Cats sticker involved. Means that the ThankQ was thanking the AFL footy team, Geelong. Not really into footy....

{8/3} Yes, we do!

Well I was feeling a little risque when I saw this!


It was a long weekend here in Victoria so our whole family decided to take a 2.5hr drive to see Stan's uncle in a gorgeous little seaside town called Inverloch.


While stuck in traffic for FOUR hours on Saturday in the middle of Melbourne, I snapped this. "Own the Moment".
Well, I WAS trying to own the moment but flood waters, hail, police, ambulances, fire engines, drenched pedestrians and rain would not let me!

{5/3} Not far away.....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

{4/3} I need some of this.....

I find that I often need Inspiration in all aspects of my life and I also often need inspired communication! Now more of that around here would go a long way!

{3/3} I don't get this sign....

Found this on the side of a community rubbish bin. I kind of don't get it. Well, I get the Jesus Saves part. I get that the guy(?) is a hockey player - a goalie in fact - I don't get the two together. Well, I get that goalies save goals. And Jesus saves souls?? lol Anyone care to explain?

Used an Ish texture over the top of the shot as it was very very booooring!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

{2/3} We love food

March Challenge - Signs. We love food - oh yes we do!

Monday, March 1, 2010

"Hilarious Outtakes" Photo Challenge - i heart faces

Yay! How fun! This week, we are allowed up to FIVE photos and boy it has been fun going through the hard drive(s)!

1. Here is Bronte being her normal self. We were at a beachside cafe and she went outside and pressed her ever so sweet face against the 'plastic' windows. Nice.

 2. Check out Zachary! He put on a cute little duck beak and some seriously geeky plastic glasses just to amuse his two little cousins!

3. Hmmm. Don't they look alike? Father and daughter wearing a friends wigs....scary huh?

4. Everyone in our family has to wear the Birthday Hat on their special day. This, of course, gives all wearers permission to be silly! 

 5. I was doing a sweet little mini-shoot with Bronte. I looked in the viewfinder to see THIS! I cracked up!

Hope these have all given you a giggle! Please head on over to i heart faces and get loads more laughs!



{1/3} Oooh!