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Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 17 - “Smiles” at i heart faces

Another great challenge over at i heart faces for Week 17 - this time the theme is Smiles. 

Well, fortunately I have tonnes of smiling shots - the hardest part was choosing which to use. Then I remembered this one that I took of my very good friend Simone's two sons.

I love these boys. They have been through a lot over the past two years and have not had a lot to smile about. 

You see, Simone, at the age of 41, was diagnosed with breast cancer. I will never forget the day that she found out. It almost blew my mind and turned her whole family's (and my family) lives upside down.

These two boys had to deal with stuff that boys of 11 and 14 should never, ever have to deal with. Hard enough for us adults let alone kids. 

Thankfully, they have all come through the other side - not unscathed - but there is now laughter being heard from them all again. 

When I took this shot, they were uncontrollable in their giggling - so while not a technically perfect shot - when I see this I see so so much.

I see love, laughter, good times, bad times, weakness, strength, knowledge, bewilderment, fear and courage. I see life and light.

Processed using the following actions:

Totally Rad Actions - P.O.S. Lens, Dirty Lovin Texture, Dirty & Used Up Texture - all tweaked to my liking.

Eye Candy Actions by Sheye Rosemeyer - Toy Camera - twisted and tweaked. 

Don't forget to pop over to i heart faces - it is sure to bring a smile to your dial!

Monday, April 19, 2010

i heart faces - week 16 - "Collages"

So, I did this shoot with my oldest and youngest some time ago. It was the first time I tried to do a themed shoot and I really like quite a few of the images. Like 99% of my work - it never really sees daylight but I have always liked this series. I should try and do another I think.

When I saw that the theme for this week over at i heart faces was 'collages' I almost gave a little squeal.

Firstly I thought - yippee I can use my moirai compositor (as I love it!) and secondly, I thought this was an ideal time to share some work of mine that I class as a little different from what I would normally share.
Would love to hear what you guys think of this 'themed' shoot.

Head on over to i heart faces and check out the most amazing array of collages that you've ever seen! Don't forget to leave people some blog love - we all love it!

PS (don't forget to click on the image to see it in full size - oh so much better that way!)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am on roll - 2 posts in one day - ridiculous!

actually 3 posts - 2 over at my k8tography blog and 1 here....(technically 2 here but 1 is the same here and over there) have I confused you yet?

I took some photos the other day - well I take photos every day - but I took these on the famous Beach Road in Hampton Victoria. I was after a silhouette but it didn't work - story of my life!

This is a gorgeous bronze statue that is on the beach front. Love the texture and the toes! Oh, and of course the sunflare.

Any thoughts from you all?

(don't forget to click on on the image - twice- to see it larger - it is so much better)

I wanted to share a little something here

something that I am excited about.

My new DVD Packaging!

What do you think?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Wow - I came 3rd in i heart faces 'dramatic black and white'

last week and have just found out! From memory, I think there were over 1000 entries so isn't it just fab?

This is the photo that I entered.

I am so excited - thank you to the lovely Tara Whitney!

I know I am a bit late with this excitement but we have just arrived home from 5 days of camping without electricity, without deecent toilets and without showers (eeewww). Had a lovely time away though and coming home to this news has made it all the better.

(Besides the fact that my washing machine just 10 minutes ago completely overflowed and flooded our back room!)

Anyway, just wanted to share my news - check out all of the other winners here.

Oh, and I hope you all had a lovely Easter!