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Monday, March 1, 2010

"Hilarious Outtakes" Photo Challenge - i heart faces

Yay! How fun! This week, we are allowed up to FIVE photos and boy it has been fun going through the hard drive(s)!

1. Here is Bronte being her normal self. We were at a beachside cafe and she went outside and pressed her ever so sweet face against the 'plastic' windows. Nice.

 2. Check out Zachary! He put on a cute little duck beak and some seriously geeky plastic glasses just to amuse his two little cousins!

3. Hmmm. Don't they look alike? Father and daughter wearing a friends wigs....scary huh?

4. Everyone in our family has to wear the Birthday Hat on their special day. This, of course, gives all wearers permission to be silly! 

 5. I was doing a sweet little mini-shoot with Bronte. I looked in the viewfinder to see THIS! I cracked up!

Hope these have all given you a giggle! Please head on over to i heart faces and get loads more laughs!




  1. Too funny! Especially like the last one, I can only imagine how hard you were laughing! Nice job!

  2. yes...love the last one. An image of years to come with a pierced nose.? :-)

  3. Your last one totally cracked me up! Great stuff.

  4. hahaha! nr2 and nr5 both totally cracked me up!

  5. I love the last one. I certainly did giggle my way through your shots! Nice!!

  6. I love number 2! What a good-natured cousin!

  7. The wig one is too funny! I actually have a picture of me, my brother, and a neighbor friend where we had put on similar wigs when we were little. Oh, the memories! lol

  8. That last one made me Laugh out loud ~ too witty!! Brilliant fun :D


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