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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Facebook: July Challenge - Deterioration: first 6 submissions

The theme for July is DETERIORATION - meaning: anything that has worsened in condition or quality over time. Some examples you might like to consider are - rusted items, objects needing repair, abandoned buildings/cars or even old age!!!

I have joined in the above challenge and it means that I have to take one photo a day to represent the above.   

Below are my first 6 days submissions:

1. My daughter's bicycle that sometimes gets left out in the rain...

2. Our upright piano that lives on our patio....the ivory is lifting off the keys but gosh, it still sounds great!

3. An old bottle collection that sits out in the unused cubby house

4. Old Wheel Barrow sitting in our backyard - rusting away but still gets used.

5. Tarpaulin Shelter that has frayed to shreds - this is meant to be protecting a couple of lawnmowers. I think our cats had something to do with the way this looks!

6. An old fence experiment around our little vegetable patch. When our dog was very young she was a super digger. She would dig everywhere, we couldn't stop her and she most loved to dig in the lovely soft dirt amongst our vegetables. My engineer husband came up with the idea of mildly electrifying the top wire of the fence. So he attached a car battery to the wires. He failed to take into account that in order for it to shock, she needed to touch it with her nose as her fur acted as a marvellous insulation. Needless to say she continued to dig and there was no shock to be had! 

(Side Note: Our gorgeous dog Kiah, lived to the ripe old age of 15 and this fence was installed before she turned 1 - she passed away in 2007 so that means this is around 17 years old!)

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  1. My favorites are the bicycle and the frayed Blue Tarp. They all are very nice but those are my faves!


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