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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 29 • Over My Head Photo Challenge i heart faces


This week over at i heart faces, the challed is 'over my head'. Here's a shot I took of Bee, obviously breaking the law and standing in a 'no standing' zone!

Edited to add: A No Standing sign such as this is not actually for pedestrians like Bee but for cars. If there is a No Standing sign, it means that you are not allowed to stop your vehicle or park in that area. Do you have this kind of signage in your part of the world?

Please head on over to i heart faces and check out all the shots that go 'over my head'!


  1. very creative! Love the colors in her top on the mostly white wall!

  2. Humorous. I like the artistry in this photo: it's very creative.

  3. No standing zone... : ) Get out of here! I don't think we have those over here. We can stand anywhere we want :)

    I always love your pictures Kate!

  4. I love this one... It really makes my eyes move. Great job. :)

    Marla @ www.asthefarmturns.wordpress.com

  5. Lovely shot. I love the sign "over her head!" Great job! Thanks for the blog comments as well!

  6. So that's what the sign means, who knew :)
    Clever shot!

  7. I really like the composition in your shot! And a no standing zone?!? What the heck is that!? Thank you for your comment on my photo as well!

  8. I really like this. Very very nice!

    -Coffee bean

  9. great vision, composition.. so much fun! :)


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