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Monday, August 29, 2011

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge {White}

So, this weeks challenge is white. No black and white photos accepted, photo must clearly show a human face and have white in the image.

Hmmmm - perfect! My just turned 17 year old son decided that he had to have his first shave after months and months of us nagging.

In our small bathroom 4 of us crowded - my husband (chief shaver), said son (shavee), daughter/sister (curious looker-on-er-rer) and me (life recorder).

Such a momentous occasion can not be left to go undocumented so in I squished with the camera and snap! snap! snap! I got loads of images. The image below is the first one I took. I adore the look on his face and I love that I got his dad (chief shaver) in the background looking ready to go!

Head on over to i Heart faces and check out loads of other 'white' images..... please leave comments on participants blogs - it is very exciting to come back and read that others liked (or didnt) your submission!


  1. This is a fantastic photo.

  2. Wow!!!! I absolutely ADORE this photo!!!! Haha!!! I'm SO GLAD that you chose to share this unique image with us!!! The emotion and fun in this image is palpable!! What a fun and unique interpretation of "white"!!! As the Mother of three boys myself...these days are looming and what fun to capture and document them!!!

  3. Oh, that is such a fun photo -- can't help but make you smile.

  4. What a great picture, and I love the story behind it. It brought a smile to my face today. :)

  5. oh this is just lovely! very nice slice of life! (my second unintended pun in the ihartfaces entries' comment boxes.)

  6. love your take on the theme :)

  7. Unique photo submission for the theme white! Love it! It's a great shot!

  8. what a great idea for "white"!! love this!!

    and thanks for stopping by my RHP blog and leaving a comment :-). appreciate it!

    ~ tawn

  9. theme = perfect, really great shot!


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