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Monday, September 19, 2011

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge {A Touch of Sun}

We are just coming out of winter here in Melbourne, Australia so I thought I would enter in a more Wintery 'Touch of Sun' image. I love to shoot sunflare, in fact, I had tonnes to choose from (well at least a dozen!) and I decided on this. He is my 15 year old son and he had climbed up on top of a huge concrete pipe and lay down in the sun declaring that it was 'really warm up here and why don't you come on up?'  errrrrr - no thanks! But I did say stay there and let me take your photo!!

Head on over to the wonder I heart Faces and check out the many sunny images! Don't forget to leave comments - everyone loves a comment! 


k8 xx


  1. All that sun seems to have made a natural texture at the base of your photograph. Beautiful.

  2. kate, I truly love your sunflare photos. THey make me smile and make me want to practice more.

  3. awesome sunflare! i love me some sunflare too :) ... perfect flare ...what lens did you use for this shot?


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