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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19/365 - Walt Disney's Old Yeller - A Little Golden Book

(Canon 50D, 50mm Lens)

"Nobody knew where Old Yeller came from. He just turned up one day at the Coates's cabin, sniffing and snuffing and wagging his tail. The Coates boys, Arliss and Travis, looked him over. Not that he was much to look at. He was big and clumsy and yellow in colour."

One of my very favourite books as a child was Old Yeller - the Walt Disney version. Bronte found this Little Golden Book a month or so ago at an Op Shop for me and even paid for it herself. I love such finds. What is your favourite book as a child?


  1. Where does one begin, Kate? I loved anything and everything by Enid Blyton - and my MIL recently found a full 80's set of her books for the boy, Alice will linger with me the rest of my life, then there were all the Carolyn Keene books, Trixie Belden, The silver crown by robert C O'Brien, the hobbit - where do you draw the line? I spent most of my childhood reading!!!!

  2. Lara - I also loved Enid Blyton - didn't get into Trixie Belden books though. I adored the Famous Five and the Secret Seven. But Old Yeller - he, along with The Sailor Dog and Laddie the Superdog - well they were very special to me as a 6 and 7 year old.


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