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Thursday, January 27, 2011

26/365 - Happy Australia Day!


These two storyboards make up my one photo of the day. 
January 26, 2011 was Australia Day.

Australia Day means many different things to many people. It can also mean nothing to some and yet others - well it is a Public Holiday.

I am kind of on the fence and whatever your politics - it can mean Family Day. That is how I like to think of it.

Our two eldest sons had invitations out to other celebrations, so Stan and I took Bronte into the city to Kings Domain Gardens where there was lots of activity. She enjoyed the Dog Flyball competition (so did we!). Stan and I really enjoyed the Vintage Car rally - there were hundreds of cars and it was a fabulous photo haven! Bronte did not enjoy this so much.

We all loved the fabulous flyover by the RAAF Roulettes. Just incredible! We liked the many varied and different people we saw in the crowd and particularly enjoyed the Shrine of Remembrance raising of the flag. It was a great day for us and we finished it off with a BBQ at home with our boys.

What did you do?

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