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Sunday, January 9, 2011

6/365 - Sing with me "Puts a rose in every cheek!"


(iphone 3gs with Hipstamatic App)

Camping in Rosebud in reality is staying in our caravan on the property of Stan's Aunty and Uncle. 

His Uncle was the local Doctor in Rosebud for many years and at 90 years of age he is of course, retired. He and his wife live in the 'top' house where they have a lovely ocean view. 

The old Doctor's surgery (another house) is down the hill on the adjacent property. We camp in between and use the surgery bathroom, kitchen and toilet. Often Stan's cousin Moira is there and stays in the surgery house and it is always lovely to catch up with her. She is one of my favourite people! She comes up from Melbourne (an hrs drive) to look after her lovely mum and her dad.

This photo represents two amazing icons in Australia. 

First is the washing line called a Hill's Hoist. (we still have one in our very own back yard - they are the source of much fun for children - seeing them swing around and even climbing up the top - although ours are banned now as they are too big and would bend the arms!) 

The next icon is Vegemite. A truly unique Australian delicacy! Funny thing is, I am about the only one in our family that likes it.

Spread thinly on buttered bread or toast = yum!

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