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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

21/365 - Camping Time.....

(iPhone 3gs using the Hipstamatic App)

Uninspiring image I know but we went away again on the 21st to a gorgeous seaside town called Rosebud. In fact, we have been holidaying on and off there since Boxing Day as we left our caravan there. It is an easy just under 1 hr drive from home.

The kids and I would stay a few days extra while Stan would come home on the Sunday night. Not an exciting holiday by any means but it was relaxing. The middle and youngest child and I packed up the van today and bought it home. Was a little sad really as it means that the school rush is nearly here! Waaaah! 

So, this image was taken late at night with my iPhone. It is of our messy camping table. Sorry - only took two images on this day and this was the best one! lol

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