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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Start for the NEW YEAR

Happy 2011 everyone!

(better late than never eh?)

Well I am up for a challenge or two this year and one of them is a 365 Challenge. Last year I lasted oh - 2 months I think. This year, I hope to go longer than that.

The rules that I have made for myself are:

1. The image can be taken with any kind of camera - be it my 50D, my Pentax or my phone.  
(I am betting that most will be from my phone!)

2. The image does not have to be 'great'
(that way I take pressure off myself to 'perform' and hopefully I will get images that I love)

So - here is my first image of the Year.....


Taken with my iPhone 3 and the Hipstamatic Application.

Here is my husband, Stan. He is half Polish and half Scottish. That is a rare and very unusual blend. The half that you see here is his Polish half. They love to grow vegetables. Here we have potatoes, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, broadbeans (yuck!) and more.

The brick structure is the garage. Did you know that a garage such as this is NOT for parking the car in there? Oh no! It is for tools and motorbikes and a Vespa scooter (or 3) and also a lovely old VW Karmann Ghia that is still to be restored to her former glory.

Stan is a typical Polish/Scottish kind of guy = hard worker. He makes lists of everything he has to do. If it is not ON the list - it needs to be added before it can be considered. He makes a new list every Friday at work. He then begins to get things done. I need to do more of this in 2011.

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