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Monday, January 10, 2011

9/365 - Waves at Brighton Beach, Victoria


(iPhone 3GS - Hipstamatic App using new film and lens)

Brighton Beach is just 5 minutes drive from our home and I love to go there, look out over the city and take photos. This day it was very windy and wavy (unusual for our tranquil bay beach). You can't see it in this image, but there are kite surfers galore over near the colourful beach huts.

I love the city skyline, I love looking at the beach huts (privately owned and sell in excess of $100,000!) 

After I arrived home from taking this picture, Stan took the two youngest for a swim but quickly came back and got the surfboards and body boards! What a cack!

Oh and today you get two photos for one! 

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  1. Heavy sigh...just gorgeous. I am meant to live by the ocean. Need to make that happen.


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